Tuesday, March 28, 2006

General Hydroponics - Products, Price etc

General Hydroponics has long been considered the leading manufacturer/supplier of Hydroponics equipment. It should come as no surprise therefore that they do indeed have a wide range of products available on the market. This page simply serves as a brief guide to the range of products that you can expect to find at your local stockist.

General Hydroponics provide some of the following ranges of products. For full, current information you should visit www.genhydro.com:

General Hydroponics - Drip Systems
For growers who want top results without much effort should look at the WaterFarm, MegaFarm, PowerGrower or EcoGrower. Each of these systems can be operated as single stand-alone modules, or interconnected in groups of two to sixteen modules with the optional controller systems. Waterfarm, Megafarm and Ecogrower are 3 such drip systems offered by General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics - Aeroponics
If you are looking for high growth rates, look no further than the AeroFlo2 or the RainForest. Running an AeroFlo2 or a RainForest is like driving a very fast car, the grower must look ahead and anticipate what's to come. AeroFlo2 Series and Rainforest Series are to such Aeroponic systems offered by General Hydroponics.

General Hydroponics - For Propagation
For propagating cuttings or quick-starting seeds, transplants or seedlings, there is no hydroponic system that will match the performance of the RainForest. Or try the best organic rooting plug available, the Rapid Rooter. Rainforest Series and Rapid Rooter Series are two currently available hydroponic systems for propagation

General Hydroponics - Larger Systems
Serious growers who want a larger system should look at the EuroGrower. The EuroGrower comes with 8 individual 2 gallon pots that fit together on top of the 40-gallon Panda reservoir. The Eurogrower comes complete with our famous Flora Nutrients and all the hardware you need. Eurogrower, Waterfarm controller and AeroFlo2 Series are 3 such available larger systems, but be prepared to open your wallet wider than usual for these ones!!