Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hydroponic Nutrients

When you mention the phrase "Hydroponic Gardening" to someone, the question that normally follows is "what's that?". And the invetible answer is that Hydroponics is the practise of growing plants in solution/water rather than in soil.

This then leads on to the logical assumption that one must mix some sort of nutrients in with the water to replace the plant food normally found in the soil.

And so it follows on that Plant Nutrient (and knowing what to do with it) is a key element in the search for a successful hydroponic project.

So this page will serve to provide some reliabel resources which you can use when investigating which hydroponic nutrients to use with your own hydoponic system.

It would be foolish of me to list the current "best" hydroponic nutrients products currently on the market because this article would then go out of date rather quickly as new products hit the market. So instead I shall simply give advice on where to start looking for your hydroponic nutrients.

It is quite rare that a relative "newbie" to hydroponic gardening will know exactly what hydroponic nutrients they should be using. So a period of research ensues. Google, is the first place people often think to look but in my experience, getting hold of some recent hydroponic publications/magazines is one of the best ways to go. After that you should have built up a basic working knowledge of hydorponic nutrients and from there you may wish to discuss what you have learn with other gardeners online or you may be ready to pop to your nearest hydroponic nutrients store and start buying.

Either way, remember the following:

* Always ask questions. Ask the shopkeeper, ask the hydroponic internet forums and ask the ebay sellers about their products. This is really the best way to learn so be brave, and start asking

* Never settle for average results. Always experient with different hydroponic nutrients combinations and strengths. Record what you learn in a chart for future reference

I hope this helps you on your way just a little bit :)