Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hydroponic Systems

This page deals briefly with the question of Hydroponic Systems - What is available? What Price will I have to pay? Where can I buy starter systems from. We hope you find it useful.

Hydroponic Systems come in a variety of styles aimed at different end users with different budgets and ambitions. Growell is a company that produces a variety of Hydroponic Systems that you may consider. Here are just some of their products. You can see full details and full current product lists at www.growell.co.uk

AquaFarm & WaterFarm Systems
These are Self contained drip through systems

The EcoSystem Vertical Growing System
This is tipped as being the future of hydroponic growing

Coliseum Vertical Growing Systems
300 plant site vertical system in a compact space. Very exciting system well worth a closer look.

Dutch Dripper Kit
Holland's favourite system... and the Dutch really do know how to do their Hydroponics properly.

Where to buy?
It's hard to give advice regarding buying because this website has viewers from all corners of the globe. But in general you should try searching ebay, google and looking in hydroponic gardening magazines for stores near to you that you can visit.

Other general advice regarding Hydroponic Systems would include taking a trip to your local store and just asking as many questions as you can think of and reading as many magazines as you can. It's good to get exposed to as many different systems as possible before you actually jump in and make a purchase - especially as you can easily spend thousands!

Good luck!