Sunday, April 02, 2006


Aeroponics is a little bit like the extremely clever younger brother of Hydroponics. Many people are amazed at the concept of hydroponic gardening - "you can grow plants without soil?" they might say. But Aeroponics takes that technology to a new level whereby the plants don't even sit in water for a feed anymore. Aeroponics is basically a system that allows the roots of the plants to be sprayed with nutrient-rich water vapour. Isn't that amazing? No soil needed, no elaborate flooding & draining system of hydroponics. Instead, the plants simply get sprayed with nutrient-rich mist and their roots grow at an alarming rate.

Startup Aeroponics kits can be found for as little as £40 or $70 so there is really no excuse for not having a go at Aeroponic growing in your spare time or as a summer project etc. We hope you enjoy your aeroponic exploits and adventures.