Sunday, April 02, 2006

Discount Hydroponics

The evolution of Hydroponics as a hobby, a business and as a phenomenon has been blindingly apparent in recent years. Hydroponic Stores have been popping up in prime shopping locations, advertising billboards are now carrying Hydroponic advertisements and general awareness of Hydroponics has almost reached "mainstream" status.

The increase of hydronic stores has lead to increased competition amongst vendors and what this always means is that prices inevitably drop. Vendors are prepared to take a small profit and they rely instead on increased sales to cover the bills and put food on their table at home. When competition becomes particular fierce amongst vendors we see discount hydroponics being offer. This is a situation where prices are dropped significantly below the manufacturer's own RRP price. Discount Hydroponics therefore can be seen as a good thing for the consumer because it means hydroponic supplies can be found at lower prices.

But what does this means for the vendors?
Discount hydroponics practices have been blamed for the close of several high profile stores in recent months. They were left with no option but to drop their prices inline with the current price cuts but due to slow sales they could no longer keep up with their outgoings and withing 3 months of getting into trouble, they had ceased to open their doors to customers.

Government legislation doesn't really provide any protection against this kind of aggressive pricing. Technically you are allowed to SELL at below-RRP prices but you are not allowed to ADVERTISE at below-RRP prices. However, loopholes exist to make this whole situation mute and thus discount hydroponics are still prevelent on the market today.

If you want to make a difference, don't simply buy from the store who offer discount hydroponics, instead buy from those who have an obvious passions for the field and a commitment to customer relations. It is these stores that deserve and need the support of the everyday hydroponic gardener.