Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hydroponic Growing

How do you grow a plant? You need soil, water and a seed right?
Well not any more. Allow me to introduce to you the concept of Hydroponic Growing. This basically removes the soil from the growing process and in its place you have a variety of nutrients & vitamins that a plant/seed needs to grow and produce fruit.

The concept of hydroponic growing, therefore, is quite simple - throw out the soil, bring in nutrients, and away you go. But as with most things it is harder to do, takes longer to master and costs more money than you might initially think. Hydroponic growing is usually done indoors. This means we need a replacement for the Sun's natural light and so instead, one must use hydroponic grow lights to provide the right amount of light for optimum growth.

One also needs a quite varied array of hydroponic equipment in order to succeed. This can be very costly and is often the deciding factor that turns away many enthusiastic beginners into the world of hydroponic growing - they simply cannot justify the startup costs.

For those lucky enough to be able to afford the right equipment you then have the problem of expertise. The popularity of hydroponic growing is still fairly recent and so there is a general shortage of good literature on the subject that is aimed at taking someone with a basic interest in the field through to being a self-sufficient hydroponic gardener. Places like Amazon and eBay do help people get hold of various books but choosing the right book can be critical and is beyong the scope of this article to go into.

In closing then, we would simply recommend that you do not spend a single penny on hydoponic equipment until you have read around the subject sufficiently and have seen several working hydroponic growing setups and have spoken with some experienced hydroponic gardeners. Only then will you know if you still have the motivation and interest to make a good go of it.