Yamaha S4 Grand Piano

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Yamaha Pianos (Advert)

Yamaha Grand Piano Sales
Upright Yamaha Piano
We have a great selection of the finest yamaha grand pianos in the UK. Prices start at around £4000. Please click below for more info & photos:

YAMAHA GRAND PIANO (click for sales)

Yamaha S4 Grand Piano

6' 3" Concert Collection Grand Piano, Polished Ebony

Yamaha S Series grand pianos are instruments of rare perfection, handcrafted from the very finest materials to the highest professional standards in the Yamaha concert grand workshop. Incorporating a host of recent advances, today's redesigned S series grands are more impressive than ever, offering concert-quality features and performance for the most demanding pianists.

* Refinements in the specifications of copper-wound strings generate purer, more perfectly pitched and harmonious bass tones.

* Select bridge materials deliver warm, rich tones and extended resonance.

* Heavy-duty double casters offer improved mobility.

* Aesthetic refinements to legs, music desk and lyre, and beautiful plate and inner rim surface finishes, provide a distinctively elegant appearance.

* A lit prop safety stop guards against insecure prop positioning

What people are saying:

I've tried the Yamaha S4 last week, and I think it is just fantastic, a revelation

Being the proud owner of an S4 myself, I can unhesitantingly and
unequivocally second your assessment [above]. I was even impressed with the predecessor model which was the S400 and that
influenced my decision to acquire an S4.

If I could afford one I'd sell my C2

I am around world class pianos every day that I go to work. My company retails Yamaha, Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Schimmel, Estonia, and rebuilt Steinways. When it came time to purchase a grand piano for my living room I bought a Yamaha S400.
The piano is perfect.

Excellent pianos. Can't fault them really. It's still a lot of money

I'm a lucky owner of a S4 - has been 14 months now. I had tried a couple of Steinways, Bechsteins, Schimmels, Bluthners, even B sendorfer... here at Kneifel in Geneva. Then I bought (together with a friend who got himself a C3.) In the beginning I was not so certain that this would be the right choice, since the differences seemed just nuances, and I was just marginally convinced that putting this big lump of extra money was OK. Now (after a proper intonation to my liking) it's totally different - and I'm extremely happy - just marvellous!
Even this friends likes it more to play on mine ... So if the price is right you probably won't regret it!

comments taken from usenet


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