Saturday, March 13, 2004

Interview with Steinway Bigwigs

Here is an interesting interview conducted by with Henry Steinway (obviously not the Henry Steinway) where they talk about various aspects of the company including the following interesting Q&A:

Do you face serious competition in the upmarket segment?
Thomas Kurrer
: We have two major competitors in the high-quality segment: Austria's Bösendorfer and Italy's Fazioli. But both are quite a bit smaller. We sell worldwide about 3,000 grand pianos a year, Bösendorfer sells about 250 to 300 and Fazioli about 100.

I find it interesting that they don't mention Bechstein as an upmarket competitor :)

Here's a photo taken outside the Steinway factory in Hamburg (sorry, it's the best I could find:
click to see an enlarged version of this photo

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