Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ford Ka

Below is a list of reviews for the Ford Ka.
They offer valuable information that you will not be able to get from a dealer or from a private seller

1. Ford Ka Review - by
A good, fairly detailed review highlighting the good & bad points of the Ford Ka. Easy to read. Good review

2. Ford Ka User Reviews - from
This is a great resource. It contains comments from 120 Ka owners who share their opinion on the car from a 1st hand point of view.

3. Ford Ka review - from
This is a VERY indepth review offering 7 pages of information, comments and photos. They conclude that this car is stylish, cheap to run but has limited rear passenger space (duh)

4. Ford Ka review - by
This review page contains lots of useful comments left by people who have actually owned this car. An invaluable read for anyone consider the Ford Ka.