Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hydroponic Supplies

In years past it has been very difficult to find any reliable, well-stocked Hydroponic Supplies stores. Thankfully with the dawn of consumer hydroponics for the common man this has meant that hydroponic supplies can now be found in many high street shops & stores. It is still early days so you can still expect availability to increase, prices to drop and shop numbers to increase.

So where can we currently buy Hydroponic Supplies from?
There are a number of reliable hydroponic supplies outlets currently available. Here are just a few of them:

Hydroponic Supplies on eBay
You might raise your eyebrows at this suggestion but it does make perfect sense really. For people who are perhaps a little bit too busy for visiting physical retail outlets ebay provides a genuinely excellent service. The drawbacks are that postage costs can often be quite costly and you don't REALLY know the quality of the item until it arrives and you unwrap it. But for those who know exactly what they want, ebay can be a great option. To get started, just visit www.ebay.com or www.ebay.co.uk for example and search for "hydroponics" or anything else you can think of

Hydroponic Supplies on Google
Another strange suggestion perhaps but again it makes perfect sense. Just go to www.google.com and search for "hydropnics" or "hydroponic supplies" and you will soon see that there is a wealth of online stockists who can deliver to your area. I would recommend actually phoning the shops you find to get the best possible information and advice. This Google advice is good because it helps support your local suppliers. eBay can often cut out the suppliers making shops struggle to stay in business. So where possible, support your local shops.

Hydroponic Supplies in Magazine Adverts
This is another good way to get good products whilst also supporting the hydroponics industry. A good place to start could be with the magazine found here:
www.hydroponics.com.au - it is Australian but I'm sure the articles discussed will be equally valid wherever you live. There will also be international advertisements placed by global vendors.

We hope this brief guide has been of use to you. Good luck with finding your local hydroponic supplies store.