Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hydroponic Equipment

"Give a man the right tools and he can feed his family for life"

Not exactly the PERFECT quote for this page but hopefully you get my point... your hydroponic yields will only be as good as your hydroponic equipment. So be careful about the equipment you select and the brands you choose to purchase.

Sure, it can be tempting to just buy what the shop-keeper advises you to buy but in the end, you REALLY should make a note of the kind of hydroponic equipment he has in stock and then go away and do your own research into those products. You will definately end up with a better collection of hydroponic equipment this way. You may end up spending more money but that will be because you will end up buying superior quality equipment.

So without further ado, here is a list of hydroponic equipment manufacturers. We have quoted the below information from the excellent homeharvest.com website.

American Hydroponics (www.amhydro.com)
A 'most excellent' website, as well as a very progressive company... located in beautiful Arcata, Cali. An excellent resource for commercial hydroponic information.

General Hydroponics (www.genhydro.com)
The graphics on this site alone are worth a visit. General Hydroponics is one of the oldest manufacturers of hydroponic equipment in the world. Lots of product information.

Green Air Products (www.greenair.com)
Another grandfather in the hydroponic equipment industry, Green Air has been pumping out quality environmental control products since before we can remember... if you need any information about any of their products, this is the place to look. Lots of other hard-to-find, important information as well.

Hanna Instruments (www.hannainst.com)
Hanna produces testing equipment for virtually anything you can think of you would want to test. Incredible product information.

HydroDynamics, International (www.hydrodynamicsintl.com)
HydroDynamics, Int'l., manufacturers of Ionic Plant Nutrients, Green Fuse Plant Stimulants, Clonex Cloning Gel and Cloning Solution, Fossil Fuel Humic Acids, the IGS - Indoor Growing System, The Truncheon, The pH Truncheon and much more.

Hydrofarm (www.hydrofarm.com)
Over twenty-five years of quality, incredible customer service and a devoted staff have made Hydrofarm an industry leader in plant grow lights and hydroponic equipment manufacturing.

Sunlight Supply (www.sunlightsupply.com)
A relative newcomer to the industry, Sunlight Supply has demonstrated a committment to quality products and offers many choices in lighting systems not available elsewhere.

Technaflora Plant Products, Ltd. (www.technaflora.com)
Founded in 1995, Technaflora Plant Products, Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Boasting a full line of exceptional plant nutrients and additives, Technaflora Plant Products has emerged as a leader in the specialty gardening industry